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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee considers and provides a formal observation to every planning application in Falmouth. It also deals with highway matters, licensing, tree preservation, conservation and enforcement. For procedures on public speaking at planning committee meetings and for further details of how to register to speak please Click here Falmouth Town Council places great importance on pre planning consultations and is seeking to encourage developers/agents to consult with its Planning Committee at the pre-application stage. For details of the Pre Planning Consultation Protocol please Click here The following documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format , and will open in a new browser window:

Minutes archive

Minutes 2015

December 14th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
November 30th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
November 9th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
October 19th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
October 5th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
Appendix for 30th November Planning Meeting
September 7th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
August 10th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
July 20th 2015 - Minutes Appendix
29th June 2015 - Minutes Appendix
8th June 2015 - Minutes Appendix
18th May 2015 - Minutes Appendix
27th April 2015 - Minutes Appendix
13th April 2015 - Minutes Appendix
16th March 2015 - Minutes Appendix
160614-Interim planning_agenda.pdf
February 23rd 2015 - Minutes Appendix
February 2nd 2015 - Appendix Minutes
January 12th 2015 - Appendix Minutes


December 15th 2014: Minutes Appendix
November 24th 2014: Minutes Appendix
November 3rd 2014: Minutes Appendix
October 13th 2014: Minutes Appendix
September 22nd 2014: Minutes Appendix
September 1st 2014: Minutes Appendix
August 11th 2014: Minutes Appendix
July 21st 2014: Minutes Appendix
June 30th 2014: Minutes Appendix
June 9th 2014: Minutes Appendix
May 19th 2014: Minutes Appendix
April 28th 2014: Minutes Appendix
April 7th 2014: Minutes Appendix
March 17th 2014: Minutes  Appendix
February 24th 2014: Minutes  Appendix
February 3rd 2014: Minutes  Appendix
January 13th 2014: Minutes  Appendix


December 16th 2013: Minutes  Appendix
November 25th 2013: Minutes  Appendix
November 4th 2013: Minutes  Appendix
October 14th 2013: Minutes  Appendix
September 23rd 2013: Minutes  Appendix
September 2nd 2013: Minutes  Appendix
August 12th 2013: Minutes  Appendix
July 22nd 2013 : Minutes  Appendix
July 1st 2013 : Minutes  Appendix
June 3rd 2013 : Minutes Appendix
April 29th 2013 : Minutes Appendix
April 8th 2013 : Minutes Appendix
March 18th 2013 : Minutes Appendix
February 2013 25th : Minutes Appendix
February 2013 4th : Minutes Appendix
January 2013 14th: Minutes Appendix


December 2012 3rd: Minutes Appendix
November 2012 13th: Minutes Appendix
October 2012 15th: Minutes Appendix
September 2012 24th: Minutes Appendix
September 2012 3rd (interim): Minutes Appendix
August 2012 13th: Minutes Appendix
July 2012 23rd (interim): Minutes Appendix
July 2012 2nd: Minutes Appendix
June 2012 11th (interim): Minutes Appendix
May 2012 21st (interim): Minutes Appendix
April 2012 16th: Minutes Appendix
March 2012 26th (interim): Minutes Appendix
March 2012 5th: Minutes Appendix
February 2012 13th (interim): Minutes   Appendix
January 2012 16th: Minutes   Appendix


December 2011 12th (interim): Minutes   Appendix
November 2011 14th: Minutes   Appendix
October 2011 31st (interim): Minutes   Appendix
October 2011 18th (special): Minutes
October 2011 10th  Minutes   Appendix
September 2011 19th (interim)  Minutes   Appendix
September 2011 5th  Minutes   Appendix
August 2011 15th  Minutes   Appendix
July 2011 18th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
June 2011 27th Minutes   Appendix
June 2011 6th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 2011 16th Minutes   Appendix
April 2011 18th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
March 2011 28th Minutes   Appendix
March 2011 7th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 2011 14th Minutes   Appendix
January 2011 31st (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 2011 17th Minutes   Appendix


December 2010 13th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
November 2010 15th Minutes   Appendix
October 2010 25th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
October 2010 4th Minutes   Appendix
September 2010 20th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
September 2010 6th Minutes   Appendix
August 2010 2nd Minutes   Appendix
July 2010 19th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
June 2010 28th Minutes   Appendix
June 2010 7th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 2010 17th Minutes   Appendix
April 2010 26th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
March 2010 29th Minutes   Appendix
March 2010 8th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 2010 22nd Minutes   Appendix
February 2010 1st (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 2010 11th Minutes   Appendix


December 2009 14th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
November 2009 25th Minutes   Appendix
October 2009 26th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
October 2009 5th Minutes   Appendix
September 2009 21st (interim) Minutes   Appendix
September 2009 7th Minutes   Appendix
August 2009 3rd Minutes   Appendix
July 2009 13th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
June 2009 29th Minutes   Appendix
June 2009 8th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 2009 18th Minutes   Appendix
April 2009 27th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
March 2009 31st Minutes   Appendix
March 2009 9th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 2009 23rd Minutes   Appendix
February 2009 9th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 2009 12th Minutes   Appendix


December 2008 18th (special) Minutes   Appendix
December 2008 17th (special) Minutes
December 2008 15th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
November 2008 24th Minutes   Appendix
October 2008 27th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
October 2008 6th Minutes   Appendix
September 2008 22nd (interim) Minutes   Appendix
September 2008 1st Minutes   Appendix
August 2008 4th Minutes   Appendix
July 2008 21st (interim) Minutes   Appendix
June 2008 30th Minutes   Appendix
June 2008 9th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 2008 19th Minutes   Appendix
April 2008 28th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
March 2008 31st Minutes   Appendix
March 2008 10th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 2008 25th Minutes   Appendix
February 2008 4th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 2008 14th Minutes   Appendix


December 2007 17th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
November 2007 26th Minutes   Appendix
November 2007 5th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
October 2007 8th Minutes   Appendix
September 2007 24th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
September 2007 3rd Minutes   Appendix
August 2007 6th Minutes   Appendix
July 2007 23rd (interim) Minutes   Appendix
July 2007 2nd Minutes   Appendix
June 2007 11th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 2007 21st Minutes   Appendix
April 2007 30th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
April 2007 16th (special interim) Minutes   Appendix
March 2007 26th Minutes   Appendix
March 2007 12th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 2007 26th Minutes   Appendix
February 2007 5th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 2007 15th Minutes   Appendix


December 2006 11th (interim) Minutes   Appendix
November 20th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
October 30th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
October 9th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
September 25th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
September 4th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
August 7th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
July 24th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
July 3rd 2006 Minutes   Appendix
June 12th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
May 15th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
April 24th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
April 10th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
March 27th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
March 13th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
February 27th 2006 Minutes   Appendix
February 6th 2006 (interim) Minutes   Appendix
January 16th 2006 Minutes   Appendix